Donating Sanitary Towels to Girls in Need

In many developed or affluent countries, it is easy to take for granted the issue of menstrual hygiene. In developing countries like Kenya, it is still a major problem that is even sometimes a taboo to talk about. Under these circumstances, in addition to low incomes that can support clean menstrual hygiene, many young girls from poor communities are experiencing difficulties in dealing with menstrual issues. This also affects their well being and fluctuations in class attendance during menstrual periods.

Peperusha BINTI is a volunteer organization that is committed to creating awareness on the above issue and supporting young girls and women in different ways. For instance, through contributions from individuals, we manage to buy and freely supply sanitary pads and do community awareness outreach.

Our crowdfunding campaign is to help us reach more girls and supply more sanitary pads and other necessary material that some girls cannot afford. We also use the money for transport and for purchading other materials that can make our job easier.

Thank you in advance and we appreciate your support. Together we can uplift each other.

Peperusha BINTI is based in Kisumu, Kenya and works in the slums of Obunga,Nyalenda and other areas