February 28, 2023


“….the decision of not visiting the hospital due to the stigma and discrimination made us suffer a lot because in several instances we needed medical attention but we couldn’t get help because we were scared of how the society out there was going to treat us”Research shows the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQI+) […]

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February 18, 2022

Creating awareness about GBV

Young people face the world’s highest burden of sexual violence. Nevertheless its our sole responsibility to help end all forms of violence against girls in the society #Mydearbody

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Creating awareness on sicklecell disease

As part of advocacy and creating awareness on sicklecell disease, last week we held a fundraiser to help support 10 identified children in the marginalised communities of Kisumu purchase medication. With the support of County government of Kisumu through Dr Peter Okoth We will work together to ensure the prevalence of sicklecell in kisumu county

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Through reaching out to younger girls with information on Gender-Based Violence we make steps at creating awareness and helping the generation equip themselves to speak up and get help rather than staying quiet and dying in silence.

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November 24, 2021


INTRODUCTION The Sickle Cell fundraiser dubbed as coffee for champions was done under the organization’s third program. The activity was solely done to help in fundraising for money to buy drugs for identified children from the informal settlement areas within Kisumu central subcounty. The organization intended to create awareness to the public on Sickle cell […]

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February 27, 2021

Donation of Sanitary towels

In partnership with Millennial Legacy Foundation and Rotary Club of Kisumu, we managed to go to Rachuonyo where we donated Sanitary towels and other personal hygiene effects like bathing soap and tissue to boys and girls. We also had conversations and gave them a safe space to talk about issues that daily affects them as […]

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Harriet vicky

Harriet vicky has spent her life using her personal and career experiences to help adolescents and young women to understand their menstrual hygiene and issues related to their sexual and reproductive health and provide them with the support they need when their life seems to be more than they can handle. She received her education […]

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Peperusha Binti; Tackling Period Poverty & access to SRH services

Three out of five women and girls living in informal settlement areas have no access to information on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR), gender-based violence and menstrual hygiene. Women and girls are often abused and this goes unreported. Lack of information on SRHR has also seen high levels of early and unwanted pregnancies leading […]

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February 26, 2021

Donating Sanitary Towels to Girls in Need

In many developed or affluent countries, it is easy to take for granted the issue of menstrual hygiene. In developing countries like Kenya, it is still a major problem that is even sometimes a taboo to talk about. Under these circumstances, in addition to low incomes that can support clean menstrual hygiene, many young girls […]

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To end period poverty and empower adolescent girls with information and skills through participatory interventions aimed at building the leadership potential and power of adolescent girls to speak up for themselves.

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