Peperusha Binti; Tackling Period Poverty & access to SRH services

Three out of five women and girls living in informal settlement areas have no access to information on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR), gender-based violence and menstrual hygiene. Women and girls are often abused and this goes unreported. Lack of information on SRHR has also seen high levels of early and unwanted pregnancies leading to child marriages. Lack of menstrual healthcare products such as sanitary towels has also seen girls miss school or use unhygienic products for their menses such as pieces of mattresses, tissues and clothes. In addition, girls are engaging in transactional sex in order to afford menstrual healthcare products. There is need to close this knowledge gap and ensure the education of girls is not disrupted every month.

4000 girls and women impacted 

This saw the inception of Peperusha Binti. So far, we have managed to impact 4000 young women and girls; through educating them on sexual reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence awareness and menstrual hygiene. Peperusha Binti has also managed to partner with different like-minded organizations which has increased our impact and reach. 


Our long term goal is to increase our reach to impact the larger Nyanza region through education, creating awareness and advocating for women and girls’ rights. Our dream is to see women and girls lead a well informed and productive life.